The Spaceguard Foundation: additional information
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The Spaceguard Foundation: additional information

This page contains general information and documents related to The Spaceguard Foundation

E-mail address

Messages to The Spaceguard Foundation can be addressed to


By-laws of The Spaceguard Foundation: official italian version and english translation


Brief history of the idea and the birth of The Spaceguard Foundation

The Members

List of the members of The Spaceguard Foundation, with addresses and home pages

How to become a member

Directions for application and payment of the annual fee for membership


Reports on the activity of The Spaceguard Foundation

Other documents

Resolution of the Council of Europe

Resolution of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on the detection of asteroids and comets potentially dangerous to humankind (March 20, 1996)

The Vulcano Workshop

Abstracts and preprints from the Workshop Beginning of the Spaceguard Survey, held in September 18-22, 1995 in Vulcano (Italy)

Study of a Global Network for Research on Near-Earth Objects

On June 25, 1997, The Spaceguard Foundation has signed a contract with the European Space Agency for the creation of the Spaceguard Central Node. For additional information, see:

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