Menu of Opportunities

The List of Observation Opportunities

The Menu of Opportunities (MOP) is provided by the Spaceguard Central Node as an additional group of services for the coordination of observations of Near-Earth Objects.

MOP focuses on a wide range of issues not covered by the Priority list (PL) or by special announcements. These services have been divided into six groups:

1) Recovery opportunities for bright NEOs at a second apparition (BRL)
2) Recovery opportunities for faint NEOs at a second apparition (FRL)
3) Recovery opportunities for bright lost NEOs (BLN)
4) Faint NEO List (FNL), extension of the Priority List to mag. 25 633 objects
5) Observing campaigns for virtual impactors
6) Observing list for hypotetical NEOs

Similarly to the PL, data reported in MOP are updated on a daily basis using information coming from the Minor Planet Center, the NEODyS database and occasionally from other centers.

At the moment only service (4) is available and further information can be found clicking at the appropriate location.

Andrea Boattini, Germano D'Abramo, Giovanni Valsecchi