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Tumbling Stone

Number 9: 30-10-2001
A scientific publication by SGF and NEODyS.

The Monthly Monitor...what is heading our way this month?

Special about deflection
We only need a little, gentle kick...
by Andrea Carusi - President of the SGF

Discussions about the possibility to divert NEOs in route of collision with the Earth have been going on for more than 10 years. The topic is particularly difficult to address for many reasons. First, there is a lot of concern about the means that should be adopted in order to move a mountain in an adverse environment such as space; second, it is not clear at all what would be the best strategy to achieve the desired goal; third, although evereybody agrees that something should be done in case of a clear threat, there is considerable debate about the timing, size and operational details of a diverting maneuver...

Earth-impactors mitigation methods
by Germano D'Abramo -SCN

by Andrea Milani - Director of NEODyS

Special about the Leonid meteor shower
Leonid Meteor shower by Nanni Riccobono
When the sky is falling on our heads: the physics of meteors
by Livia Giacomini

People looking for NEOs
The Japan Spaceguard Associate
by Suyzo Isobe - President of the JSGA


Tumbling Laughs
by Ettore Perozzi


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The Spaceguard Foundation (SGF) is a private, non profit scientific organization aimed at supporting and co-ordinating NEO researches in the world
The NEO Dynamic Site (NEODyS) is a service offered by the University of Pisa (Italy). It provides catalogues, computation of orbits, and projection of the behavior of NEOs in the future, in order to identify possible impacts in advance.

Images of the heading: courtesy of NASA; image of a Leonid fireball by Lovato, 1998

Editor: Nanni Riccobono
Assistant Editor and web design: Livia Giacomini
Collaborators of this issue: Andrea Boattini, Andrea Carusi, Germano D'Abramo, Syuzo Isobe, Andrea Milani